Frequently asked questions

How to exchange with e-Currency Exchange Cash?

We have two type of to request exchange Direct and Manuel Exchange, Direct Exchange there is limited maximum amount is allow and Manuel Exchange is it will given you extra option for you to able to exchange more than the default maximum amount require. And you can follow one of these method and order exchange

Method 1; Direct Exchange (There is limited of maximum amount is allow)

  1. Log In your account, if you don't have have account just create one a minute
  2. On the your dashboard click -> New Exchange
  3. Select Send and Received
  4.  Enter your amount in Send section
  5. Fill the requirement fields / form
  6. Press Exchange button
  7. Make payment
NOTE; When payment was confirmed we will process exchange.


Method 2. Manuel Exchange (No maximum amount)
  1. Log In your account, if you don't have have account just create one a minute
  2. On your dashboard got to Wallet -> Deposit. 
  3. Deposit maximum amount you want. 
  4. After deposit complete, return to Wallet -> Send Money
  5. Provide the information about where you want to send the money to
  6. Once you complete provide all the necessary information continue review it and click Send Money
NOTE; When we received the order we will process and Send Money / Transfer.

How long does exchange transaction take?

Our default period for us to process the order is Instantly or 24 hours, And most of the time when we're online the process be instantly or 5 hours, And if we're not online the process can take up to 24 hours.

And we want to recommended you any order of exchange we need a few minute or hours to review the transaction is complete and before you release the payment or active the process

Can I cancel the order?

There is two ways for you to cancel the order
  1. When the payment process is not yet complete you can cancel it without charge
  2. When the payment complete, Yes, you can request the cancel but we will issue a refund, but the transaction fee will be charged (that means, you will lose the fee).
  3. We want to recommended you some of the service is instantly and when comes of this it cannot been cancel but and in this case you have to contact us soon as possible and for us to cancel the order